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As any business owner would know, the key to a successful business is getting the attention of your potential market. No matter how good a product or service is, without the proper advertisement and marketing, the business will surely fail. There are a lot of ways to advertise a business such as in Business Finder,StreetDirectory, Yellow Pages, print, media or over the internet. And any Singapore businesses would surely want to advertise their products and services in Streetdirectory or the Green Book Here are few things that it has to offer. Streetdirectory & The Green Book are business directories similar to Business Finder and Yellow Pages. Just like how Yellow Pages list different business from various fields, it lists all types ofSingapore businessescategorized in different classification in order for consumers to find products or services that are related to their query. This helps potential buyers to find the products and services quickly and with ease. For instance, instead of just showing a list of business offering equipment, one can search for a specific equipment such as heavy equipment. This enables buyers to obtain information faster and more efficiently. This directory also offers comprehensive trade and brand name listing, containing more than 25, 000 trade/brand names listed. This enables buyers to search for specific businesses that offer specific brands of products or services. This is truly beneficial for any trade or brand as it would make their products and services easily searchable thru this directory. As already mentioned, for a business to be successful and increase its profit, it should be properly advertised so that it gets to reach its target market. This directory increases the visibility and prominence of a product as it advertises in three different types of media. It currently has over a hundred thousand copies of the printed directory, over five hundred thousand CD-ROMs on circulation, and the website receiving over a hundred million visitors each year. The printed directories are also distributed in other countries in the Southeast Asia and even in the United States. The internet features gives any business the edge over others as it can efficiently match the needs of buyers to the appropriate products or services. One can choose to upload an online catalogue or even set up a press release online. And one can also choose to link their social networking sites for further expand their market. Clearly, these marketing efforts open up the opportunity for any Singapore businesses to grow and increase its visibility to its potential market. Indeed, advertising using these directory can prove to be beneficial to any business. A business owner can choose from the different packages available in advertising his product. And for those with a tight budget, he can choose to advertise in free listings page. With the flexible packages that are currently offered, one can choose a package and rate that would exactly fit the needs of his business. In the end, directories like Business Finder, Streetdirectory, Yellow Pages,The Green Book, etc offers effective advertising strategies that ensure results in which any business owner will immensely benefit from. allows users to search for Singapore Private Limited businesses. It has an extensive list of 135,000 businesses and over 3000 business categories. Search by product listings, business categories and company names. Amongst our popular categories are Tennis Coaching, Interior Design, Movers, Swimming Pool Contractor, Courier Service, Pilates, Waterfront Services & Home Decoration. Also look for Western Food, Handyman Contractor, Claims Software, Furniture Outdoor, Car Repair, Marble Stones, Water Fountain, Rugs, Bedding, Mattress & Crane Barge.