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Modular Education Centre (Main Branch)
Reg. Name : Modular Education Centre
Category(s) :
A Level Tuition, Education, Education Centre, English Tuition, IP Tuition, JC Tuition, Maths Tuition, Physics Tuition, Science Tuition, Tuition Centre
Address : Fu Lu Shou Complex  
149 Rochor Road #05-03,
Singapore 188425 (Bugis)
: All Modular Education Centre Branches
Phone: 6336 1035 | Email to Modular Education Centre | Website

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Products and Services


Primary Level
Primary 1 to 2 - Enrichment Module

  • Building the Four Pillars of Math : Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
  • Cultivating thinking skills to solve problem sums

Primary 3 to 4 - Fundamental Module

  • Developing skills to solve challenging problem sums
  • Emphasis on fundamental topics: Fractions & Decimals

Primary 5 to 6 - PSLE Preparation Module

  • Reinforcing skills in solving challenging problem sums
  • Reviewing and strengthening concepts on core topics

Secondary Level
Secondary 1 to 2

  • Building the foundation of Secondary Math:
  • Algebraic manipulation
  • Skills in solving problem sums

Secondary 3 to ‘O’ level

  • Emphasis on concepts, techniques and applications

Junior College Level
(H1, H2, IB)

  • Concepts and applications : Topical approach

Integrated Programme
Secondary 2 to 4

  • Reviewing and strengthening on concepts and applications
  • Tutorial and consultative approach



Primary Level
MEC focuses on all four aspects of learning English -

  • Reading and Oral Communication
  • Creative Writing and Composition
  • Listening and Comprehension
  • Foundational Language Skills

We aim to equip your child with the skills to score in examinations and use the language effectively.

Secondary Level

The secondary one to ‘O’ level students are taught in a student-centred environment which strives to promote self-learning, inculcate confidence and a genuine interest in the language.

Apart from working on the different aspects on the subject like oral communications, essay writing, summary and comprehension practices, special emphasis is placed on examination skills.

The classes aim to challenge the students while keeping them excited and interested. Students are invited to question their own learning and encouraged to contribute during lessons.


  • MEC Science programme is designed according to the latest syllabus from MOE
  • We emphasise on teaching concepts and applications.

Primary 3 to 4

  • Building foundation of Science
  • Application of process skills through fun and hands-on experiments

Primary 5 to 6

  • Apply Science knowledge heuristically
  • Focus on the open-ended questions

Sec 1 to 4
JC 1 to 2 (H2)

  • Focus on teaching concepts and applications - Topical approach

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